CSB is a unique, high-performance, load-bearing board made from compressed straw without the need for glues or resins. It is used as factory-made prefabricated partitioning or wall linings as part of high performance external wall build-ups.

Prefabricated Partitions 

Prefabrication of CSB into complete partition sections saves site labour, improves final build quality and reduces construction time. The result is a high level of acoustic performance, fire and impact resistance and thermal performance.

CSB Panels

The exceptional insulating properties of straw, combined with CSB's unique structural performance, can be integrated into high performance wall build-ups to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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CSB does not require glue to bind the straw. Instead, heat and pressure turns moisture in the straw to steam, liquifying naturally occurring lignin to bind the straw into a structural whole. The board is lined with recycled cardboard. Hence no VOC’s or mineral content.